quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2009

Visual Effects - Vfx What is it ?

Some people ever asked you : What are you doing for living ? And then you could have the easy answer and say, I m a banker ! A psychiatrist ! A lawyer ! An actor ! But now to get complicated you say , I m working in visual effects ! And there it is. How to describe it...After 5 minutes enumerating tousend of example, you think you could say, well I go to assist people filming and tell them what to do when they film things that should be there but aren t cause you are later going to seat in front of your computer, by yourself or with a team, spend hours tracking, cuting, masking, animating, texturing, simulating, painting , rendering to make things that don t exist Real.
And then you explain why it takes so long to do just 15 second of a advertising spot...and you know what ?
People just can t understand with rational explanation. They tell you oh I know, your doing internet ?

Well ...yes. So here it is...some picture explanation of what a visual effects are.
Hope you enjoy,
Fred Palacio

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