quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2009

From drawing to 3D


A friend came one day and tell me.
Oh Fred if you get some time, make some crazy drawing, we get this project where a machine..blablabla... And without any restriction its what I did.
The drawing happened to work so good for the client that he decided to change what was to be a web campain into a Tv Campain.
I think that some people hated me having to build this machine in 3D, myself included (smile) ! But fact is, when you get the drawing, 3d production gets lots more easy, and the best time to make change is in the drawing, as it is a very fast process and one that can be done by one man. 3D is mostly a process of many men.

vfx supervisor: Fred Palacio
Visual Effects: Vetorzero

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