quarta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2010

TOYOTA - Motorcity

My first role on this project was to do the concept. (My favorite part I have to admit) then the timeconsuming part going on set supervising filming and collecting survey datas, tracking, layouting, texturing and rendering of the motorcity.
As its is rarely the case, the agency, client and directors sticked to the concept art during the whole process. Even the DP analyzed the pics and put the same light intention on the studio as we were to film the car.
The big work has been done from the modeling guys and to mention one girl. (Daniel Ho, Danilo Enoki, Fernando Ometto, Karla Ruoco, Marcos Smirkoff, Rafael Martinez, Ramon Lima) . The remodeling of the motorparts made the lighting easy for us and a great job was done by Cleverson MsLeal in the final composition.

Toyota - Motorcity from Cleverson Ms Leal and Fred Palacio.

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